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'A thing of beauty is a joy forever.'

photographer in Leeds

Skilled, professional photography is one of your top priorities because you want to love your wedding photographs, and want to feel relaxed on your wedding day.

Your wedding is an amazing life event in your family's history.
 Memories of how your day looked and felt will fade... meaningful, professional photographs are the best way to remember it all by - they take you right back to those fabulous feelings and make so many people happy.

I photograph you being naturally you in the most beautiful split seconds that reflect your character, your individual style and how you are feeling. 

I photograph people in love amongst people who love them, wearing lovely clothes and looking fabulous... all those personal touches and emotions will be held in time in your photographs.  

When it comes to how your eventual pictures will look, I know there are many styles of careful, skilled editing that range from ethereal, to punchy, to moody. My style of editing matches the available light, and the reasons you chose the time of year and surroundings as closely as possible. If you marry by the seaside on a bright, clear day, your photographs will be light, they will not be moody. Should you choose to marry in the countryside, your photographs will include nature, and textures. A Christmassy or wintry wedding will look cosy, warm and twinkly inside and most likely dramatic or moody outside. Autumnal wedding photographs will be full of the richness of autumnal colours... you get the picture! 

If you like-love the photographs that I show of other people's wedding, it's a great start because think how much you'll love your own.

Getting married is wonderful, yet your wedding day can feel a little surreal too. By choosing wedding professionals you can easily talk to and in choosing ones who 'get you', you will have a lovely wedding experience and fun from the start. 

I believe in harmony and care that we connect because there is such a thing as the right photographer for you and your day.

Harmony rocks, so here is some of my background and story to help you choose the right wedding photographer for you...

hello you

It's all about The Love, keeping it natural yet with a touch of magic & some Boho Chic

Photographing since my mum gave me a camera for my 10th birthday, I plan to photograph forever, or thereabouts.

My most treasured possession is my mum and dad's wedding album. I always order professional lab prints of my favourite pictures. You can't beat holding a special photograph in your hand. You can even kiss it and feel the love of the person in it.

My mum, good at so many things, would often draw a picture for me at the end of my stories and then I'd colour it in. Maybe it's because I couldn't draw (at all) that making pictures with a camera became so rewarding, and I learnt to see the meaning my photographs brought.

My grown-up photography story started with film photography, which I went on to study at Leeds. My work was mostly photographing people reportage style, water patterns, and creating abstracts (think Paul Smith stripes recreated with rhubarb sticks... ahem). Deciding to formally study film, digital, plus design 'properly' with other creatives is easily one of my happiest decisions. 

My dad was a cool, sharp dresser, tall, dark and very handsome. We were once sent out for school shoes and returned with three party dresses for me, one of ankle length, yellow spotted tulle with dropped waist... and pistachio ice cream. Days together at the seaside were the best, and eventually I got a brother AND a sister, and a rubber dinghy.

I live with my love, my photographer husband Tony, and our cat, Monique in the Yorkshire countryside. I've convinced the husband that a doggy would be a perfect addition to out home but the cat still says no!

Favourites include warm fresh bread with good cheese, strong coffee, dark chocolate, fizz & full-bodied reds, lots of dancing, much reading, art-deco, 70s maxi-boho fashion, flowers in your hair, as well as 'Poirot' and turquoise blues...

Alice Temperley dresses are devine, as are most things which are  beautifully and individually made and my favourite 'big' shop is Anthropologie.